Register for a 2023 San Diego Race TODAY…and Kickstart Your New Year | Chris Keith

Most people have a New Year’s Resolution focused on improving health and/or fitness. While “get in better shape” or “run a race” is a good place to start, it’s crucial to back that resolution up with action. What better action than to register NOW for a 2023 race in San Diego.

Registering for a race today will put you ahead of your resolution right at the ring of the New Year. You also have a date that you are working towards and that holds you accountable to your training. Speaking of accountability—get your family or friends to register with you so you have an accountability group. That includes little ones too! Many of these events have junior races for kids, which is a great opportunity to show them the importance (and fun!) of a healthy lifestyle.

With a race date on the books, knowing how many weeks out you are will also determine what kind of training program to start. My wife, Lindsey, completed her first Half Marathon in 2022 and had a lot of success doing the 17-week training program on the Nike Run Club app.

‘I’m not a runner’ I hear some of you saying. Well, that’s just your fear creating an excuse. Running is a mental practice, as much as it is a physical one. So let’s get over that first mental block regarding running together and choose a distance to register for. There’s a distance for everybody and every level. Because the 5K (3.1 miles) is one of the shortest race distances, it’s a great choice for beginners and seasoned athletes alike.

Below is a list of some (not all!) of the 2023 San Diego races that you can currently register for TODAY, with the exception of the Navy Bay Bridge Run which opens 1/1/2023…but sells out quickly New Year’s Day:

Carlsbad Half Marathon & 5K – 1/15/2023
Carlsbad 5000 (5K and 20K) – 4/2/2023
La Jolla Half Marathon & 5K – 5/20/2023
Navy Bay Bridge Run – 5/21/2023
America’s Finest City Half Marathon & 5K – 8/20/2023
Pacific Beach Half Marathon & 5K – 10/7/2023
Father Joe’s Turkey Trot 5K – 11/24/2023
Santa Run – 12/9/2023

C.K. Pro Tip: Although picking a race to register and train for really depends on many variables of the runner (ie: fitness level, time commitment, training schedule, previous injuries, etc.) I recommend mastering the 5K first and progressing to a 10K, and mastering that, and so on until you cross that Half Marathon finish line. Starting with the shorter distances allows you to build up the mental endurance it takes to run longer distances, it allows you to figure out your pace and put race day tools to practice.

Race Day Tip: In addition to running with the pace runners, I suggest zoning in on a runner ahead of you that closely matches your body physique and target them as who you will outpace. Once you pass them, find then next person to zone in on and continue this. This will create small wins that keep challenging you throughout your race, which also distracts your brain when it wants to wander.

OK – with this list and some motivation, there’s no excuse not to register for a race today, start training and kick start your 2023 resolutions. We’ll see you on Race Day!

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