Results Matter

I understand the unique needs and challenges that individuals like you face on their health and fitness journey. My holistic approach is tailored to empower individuals to not only achieve their health and fitness goals, but also create balance and harmony in their lives. Whether you’re a busy professional with flexible scheduling needs, a parent juggling family responsibilities, a post-partum mom, a frequent traveler, or someone recovering from previous injuries, I can guide you on your path to success.

My personalized programming is carefully crafted to offer a holistic perspective on fitness and wellness, ensuring you make the most of your time with us. We understand that gyms can be intimidating, especially with rows of equipment that might seem overwhelming. Overcoming this initial barrier is a priority for many of my clients – helping them become comfortable in the gym environment and educating and guiding them in the proper use of equipment and machines. With that in mind, I’ve made it a priority to cultivate a nurturing and supportive atmosphere within our private gym environment that helps you overcome any initial obstacles and empowers you to reach your goals. By fully committing to your tailored program and embracing a mindset of dedication and perseverance, you’ll witness remarkable transformations in your strength, endurance, mobility, recovery, and overall well-being. These positive changes extend far beyond the walls of the gym, shaping a healthier and more balanced life.

Client Results Karen


“Lindsey is the real deal! She is positive, relatable, and experienced. I came to her with basic weight loss goals for my upcoming wedding. I also had a lot of pain due to tightness in my neck and hips from sitting in front of a computer all day. She put together a nutrition and fitness plan that I was able to keep long after my wedding date goal. Not only do I look and feel the heathiest I have ever been, but Lindsey’s focus on mobility corrected my muscle imbalances, relieved pain and improved my posture. I love their private gym!! That was a big selling point for me, as public gyms were so intimidating to me. Lindsey really helped me find confidence inside and outside the gym and I am so thankful for her.”

Testimonial Carlyn


Age: 34
Training Duration: 10 Months
Goal: To quit smoking, lose 40 pounds, and alleviate chronic low-back pain
Outcome: Quit smoking, lost over 50 pounds, gained serious muscle mass and strength, alleviated all back pain by incorporating consistent mobility in her training

Testimonial Jasmine


Age: 32
Training Duration: 7 Months
Goal: Lose 20 pounds and learn how to meal prep
Outcome: Lost over 30 pounds, gained significant muscle mass, found a sustainable nutrition plan and discovered a newfound confidence

Client Results Carlyn


“I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with the amazing Lindsey, and let me tell you, the results are mind-blowing! My hip tightness used to be a major workout buzzkill due to those two pesky herniated discs, but Lindsey’s thoughtful mobility program has changed the game! My back is now stronger than ever, and my hips are like flexible rubber bands!

But wait, that’s not all! Lindsey’s got this killer nutrition plan that’s totally in sync with my lifestyle, and it’s given me fantastic results! I can’t get enough of her vibrant energy and approachable style. Seriously, if you want to live your best life and rock that healthy lifestyle, Lindsey is absolutely the person to get you started journey to a healthier you (she did it for me!)”

Client Results Barbara


Age: 63
Training Duration: 3 Months
Goal: Improve her overall bone health and build muscle after osteoporosis diagnosis
Outcome: Increased bone density and built lean muscle through resistance training and proper nutrition, reducing the risk of fractures

Client Results Sharzhad


Age: 42
Training Duration: 4 Months
Goal: Lose weight, alleviate knee pain, tone body while avoiding excessive muscle gain
Outcome: Lost over 20 pounds, sculpted a more toned physique, enhanced strength and balance, and mastered the squat, reflecting her improved knee health


“Lindsey is genuinely an incredible person who is generous with her time, attention, and yummy recipes. I was about 7 months postpartum when I started working with Lindsey and remained a client for nearly 7 months. During that time, I was still emotionally all over the place, struggled with some injuries, and had a hard time adjusting to my postpartum fitness level. Lindsey was so patient and gentle with me. She tailored sessions to meet me where I was physically and mentally. She met me at every high and low with understanding and without judgment; and because of that, she helped me regain confidence inside and outside the gym. That meant the world to me as a new mom struggling with my changed body and physicality. She made me feel like a friend, not just a client.

Under Lindsey’s guidance, I haven’t had knee or hip pains in months, I completed my first 10k (something I couldn’t even do before having a baby) and I can confidently say I feel fit! Not to mention, I hope to be at least half as amazing of a mom as her. She is a true fitness mom role model. Anyone would benefit from training with Lindsey, but postpartum mommas, do yourself a favor and sign up quickly :).”

Client Results Diana


“Training with Lindsey and Chris is by far the best value out there! What set them apart was their tailored training program, specific to me, that included strength training, cardio, nutrition, and mobility. Being able to mix it up between two great (and fun) trainers is a unique approach that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. I was fortunate to attend their nutrition workshop that they hosted from their home, which opened my eyes to the simplicity, affordability, and sustainability of meal prepping. As a traveling nurse, the knowledge, confidence (and their yummy recipes!) were instrumental in transforming my nutrition and lifestyle. Lindsey and Chris go above and beyond, reflecting their dedication and genuine care for their clients.”