Whether you are new to exercising or you are needing a bit of help in staying motivated to stick to your exercise regimen, hiring a personal trainer is a smart decision because it focuses on making an investment in yourself and your health.

When deciding who to choose for a personal trainer. you need to first understand what it is you are wanting to achieve and accomplish so that you can choose someone to fit your needs. Here, the rule of “don’t judge a book by its cover” is true when choosing a personal trainer; just because a person may look healthy and fit doesn’t mean they have the extensive education and knowledge to be a personal trainer. Do research and ask around to get opinions of who your friends and family may use. Read testimonials and look at the credentials a personal trainer has to back up the knowledge and expertise they promote.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a personal trainer is essential to your success:


One of the main benefits in using a personal trainer is that you are paying for their knowledge and expertise in exercise and nutrition. If it’s your first time in a gym setting, a trainer will set up a workout plan for you that will tailor to your specific goals and once in motion, they will instruct how to use the machines. A good personal trainer will take the time to make sure you have a basic understanding of the muscles being worked with each particular exercise and the benefit it is providing.

Individualized Programming

One of the benefits of hiring a personal trainer is that they focus their efforts solely on you during your appointment and they will take your personal training seriously.

A trainer will take the time to learn about your habits, lifestyle and what’s important to you. You will be spending a substantial about of time and effort with your trainer and picking someone that you feel you can easily communicate with is a necessity. A good personal trainer will encourage a conversation where the goals you want to achieve are expressed so that he can translate this into a workout plan specifically geared toward these. When building the workout plan, he will keep in mind what type of personality best fits the exercise. Do you like to be pushed to the limits immediately or one that likes to take the time to learn the exercise and ease into it? Either way, a personal trainer will be patient and work with you to achieve your maximum health benefit.

During your appointments, your trainer will want to use that time efficiently to work toward your goals and ensure you are correctly performing the exercises to get the most benefit from the exercise as well as provide suggestions and ideas when doing each one so that the full benefit can be experienced.

Injury or Strengthening

Many individuals who use a personal trainer are those that may have a hurt knee or an injury that needs special attention when exercising. Personal trainers know how to put together an exercise regimen that is safe and will address the areas with injury so that the area is targeted and being strengthened without adding additional stress.

Personal Accountability

A personal trainer is going to expect the best from you and be committed to success when you’re with him and when you’re not. You are more likely to attend your appointment with your trainer since the time is set and you know someone is waiting on you to arrive. When working out, a personal trainer will also give you that extra push and drive to continue to work through an exercise when it gets hard.

Depending on how often you see your personal trainer, they will push to hold you accountable to do workouts in-between appointments and to use the knowledge he is teaching you to build upon.


The whole point of having a personal trainer is for them to set the routine for you; to tell you that in order to achieve b, you must do a. A personal trainer makes it his business to know how to achieve the various goals that people want and knows how different types of bodies will respond. They will record your progress and show you how far you come each month so that you can believe in yourself and in your own success. During your time with your trainer, he will work with you to set realistic goals as well as a variety of new ones throughout the course of training to keep you motivated.

Nutritional Guidance

Another benefit in using a personal trainer is that they can give you the nutritional guidance and daily diet to benefit your body. Personal trainers will look at what you are currently eating and then provide guidance as to how to incorporate and eat a balanced diet as well as suggestions to enhance the physical workout which will provide success in both how you look and feel.

As proven, there are many benefits to using a personal trainer to improve your overall well-being as well as to see development and results. If you are ready to start a new way of living and make a change that will bring about positivity in your life, contact Chris Keith today. Chris has over 20 year’s experience in personal training and fitness and has won numerous awards that speak to his knowledge and expertise in the field. Chris has been voted the Best Personal Trainer in San Diego and works with individuals at all fitness levels.

Chris’s approach to nutrition and exercise is to provide your body with not only a healthy and fit look on the outside as well as a healthy body on the inside that will provide self-confidence, increased energy levels, and a reduction in stress.